Copper Scrap

Copper Scrap

Copper Scrap can be reused again and again. Recycled copper has 95% of the value of the newly mined ore. We obtain copper scrap from trusted suppliers across the globe. Recycling of copper is an environment friendly act. Copper is mainly used in electrical wires. It is also used for making plumbing tools and heat exchangers. The scrap that we supply is pure and contains no contamination. We are working at following major grades of Copper Scrap.

  • Copper scrap shredded (Tukdi) (Our specialization)
  • Copper Scrap Pipe
  • Copper Scrap Millberry
  • Copper Scrap Burnberry
  • Copper Scrap Armature
  • Copper Scrap Birch
Copper Scrap

Nowadays, all over the world, the main method of processing Copper Scrap is remelting in units of various types. The melt is usually cast into ingots. In some cases, the melt is granulated or gas atomized to produce powder of recycled copper.

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